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01. coach air holder

9,90 EUR

02. coach2h

14,90 EUR

03. ANT+speed

24,90 EUR

04. heart2feel x

59,90 EUR

05. coach twist holder

8,90 EUR

06. data4vision: screeneye x

instead of 149,90 EUR
only 99,00 EUR
you save 34 % / 50,90 EUR

07. navi2move

instead of 99,90 EUR
only 39,90 EUR
you save 60 % / 60,00 EUR

08. ANT+speed&cadence

39,90 EUR

09. macro2h 2nd generation

12,00 EUR

10. navi2coach (twist)

149,00 EUR

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instead of 99,90 EUR
only 39,90 EUR
you save 60 % / 60,00 EUR

Returns policy

Returns policy

Right of return
You can return all goods within 14 days of reception without giving any reason. To ensure the fast and enclose it with your returned goods. Please note that an incomplete or illegible return slip will result in delays during processing. O-synce does not keep any bank details, so it is essential that you provide them (IBAN and BIC) on the return slip!
Processing of your return, please proceed as follows:
1. A return slip is included in your order. Please, fill it in completely and in a legible manner, detach it
2. Return the goods in their original wrapper (the one from o-synce). For that, please use a packet to ensure that the original wrapper does not get damaged.
3. Please place sufficient postage on the package. If a consignment has insufficient postage, o-synce reserves the right of subtracting the difference from your refund.
4. Send the parcel by registered post and make sure that you receive confirmation of shipping.
Processing can take up to 2 weeks after receiving your parcel. However, refunds are normally paid within 7 working days.
You can return the received goods without giving reasons within 14 days by returning said goods. These return instructions will be conveyed in text form in a separately sent notice following your order placement.
The period for returning goods begins at the earliest with the receipt of the instruction for the right of withdrawal in text form (e.g. in a letter, fax or e-mail) but not before the receipt of the item (in case of periodical delivery of the same item not before the receipt of the first delivery) and not before complying with our information duty according to art. 246 sec. 2 in conjunction with sec. 1 subsection. 1 and 2 EGBGB (Introductory Act to the German Civil Law) and also not before complying with our duties according to sec. 312g, subs. 1, clause 1 BGB (German Civil Law) in conjunction with art. 246 sec. 3 EGBGB. You can place your return request in text form only in case of non package transportable items (e.g. bulky goods). To ensure keeping the term, send the goods or your return request within the term. The return will be made by all means at seller's risk. The expenses of the return have to paid by the buyer.
Please send the goods or your return request to:
Momes GmbH, Handschuhsheimer Landstraße 27, D-69120 Heidelberg, Fax: +49 (0) 6201 980 50 11, Email: shop@o-synce.com
In the event of an effective return, the goods and payments received by both parties must be returned and if applicable any benefits derived must be restored. In the case of deterioration of the goods and for utilization (e.g. benefits of use) that cannot be returned to us in full or in part or only in an impaired condition, you are obliged to pay us compensation for lost value. You are only obliged to pay us compensation for lost value for deterioration of the goods and received benefits in as far as the utilization or deterioration is exclusively due to the features and correct functioning of the goods having been examined. "Examination of the features and function" is defined as testing and trying out of the respective goods in such a way as would be possible and common practice in a shop. The duty of restitution shall be fulfilled within 30 days. The period commences for the buyer after returning the item or sending the return request, and it begins for o-synce after receiving said item.
Right of return or cancellation shall not be applied to distance contracts to supply audio- or videotaping or software as far as they have been unsealed.